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(December 1999)

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Subject: Re: Looking for a new list server
From: "Becky" <becky @ magor . prestel . co . uk>
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 17:49:37 -0000
To: "Andrew P. Tasi" <zion @ sihope . com>, "John Stevenson" <johnstev @ comcen . com . au>
Cc: <list-managers @ greatcircle . com>
References: <><010d01bf4866$3721f6a0$bcebb094@beckyvac> <a04300a1ab47fc0bed961@[]> <02a801bf489d$c4517000$>

Hi Everyone,

I feel so much better here.  I've been studying and I think I found a list
server.  I've taken the plunge and gone with them.  Here is the information I
have.  This may not be perfect for those with a large list but this guy has
offered all of you the same thing he offered me, if you've been shut down by a
server he will host your list for free for the next two weeks and at that time
if you don't choose to stay it will cost you nothing.

The one sticky point is he only excepts Visa, or you can pay by check but you
would have to pay a week before your free two weeks are up, still it seems
fair to me.  They are running Majordomo 1.94.4 you control your own config
file.  Web archives are available but at an extra charge.  When you start a
list you have to join their list-owner support list much like MLA was.  This
was really great on the phone I talked to him for about 20 minutes and I think
I'll really be happy there.  Below is the e-mail he sent me, I had explained
the situation to him.  Look through his web site at:

>Whether you choose to stay with us or not I can offer you a temporary
>home for the next two weeks starting immediately.  Please send the
>name of the list and the password that you wish to use for
>configuration purposes and I will set it up immediately, gratis.
>If you choose to stay our fee for a list of the size you describe is
>$120.00 CAD per annum.  We only accept VISA for payments. The limits
>of the service provided for this fee are described below:
>Enhanced mailing list service. Includes digest option and archives.
>$120.00 CAD per year.
>Limit 360 subscribers.
>Message traffic not to exceed 3 Mb per day.
>On-line list archives limited to 60 Mb total.
>Other terms and conditions can be found at:
>We use majordomo 1.9.4 with tlb 0.9.b to manage list traffic.
>We have been in business since 1892 (although only providing internet
>services since November 1995).  We have had our lists solicited by
>these "free" e-mail list hosts previously and have declined the
>"opportunity" presented.  Your list is your list, you pay for and it
>stays here until you decide to move it elsewhere or shut it down.
>James B. Byrne            
>Harte & Lyne Limited      
>9 Brockley Drive
>Hamilton, Ontario                   fax:+1 905 561 0757
>Canada    L8E 3C3                   vox:+1 905 561 1241

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