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Subject: Re: Oversized emails?
From: "Mike Avery" <mavery @ mail . otherwhen . com>
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2000 19:04:03 -0600
To: list-managers @ GreatCircle . COM
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On 8 Feb 2000, at 14:52, Chuq Von Rospach wrote:
> At 3:33 PM -0600 2/8/2000, Mike Avery wrote:
> >  HTML BAD!!!

> >  Big messages BAD!!

> >  Sending that crap without asking permission first - VERY BAD!!!
> One our of three isn't bad. HTML isn't bad. big messages aren't bad.
> sending either without the person saying it's okay -- that's bad,
> although even then, the answer is "it depends".

True, it does depend.  However, in genral purpose mailing lists HTML 
increases the size of the email by a factor apprpoaching 3.  Some 
people don't like that.  Also, many people have email clients that 
won't support html - people in companies with mini's or mainframes 
and dumb terminals, for example.  The see the html code in it's raw 
state, and that's a pain.

Worse, many of the programs that generate html based email do a 
very crufty job of it, and if you don't have the same email program, 
you might not be able to read the email.  And your email client might 
lock up.

All in all, unless you are sure your HTML will be welcome, you are 
better off not sending it.

Sending large graphics, or any large file, without asking first is also 
rude.  I get a lot of press releases, and there's not much that will 
hose my morning as badly as an 8 meg or so press release.  It's rude 
to send large files without getting people's approval first.

Nothing in Cyndi's (perhaps biased) note led me to believe that they 
had asked for permission.  All in all, it seems pretty tacky to me.


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