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Subject: Re: Questions on which MLM software would be best?
From: Olivier Salaun <olivier . salaun @ cru . fr>
Organization: CRU
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000 10:02:45 +0200
To:         <brh42 @ hotmail . com>
Cc: list-managers @ GreatCircle . COM
References: <> wrote:
> I was hoping that perhaps some of you list managers could reccomend which
> MLM software would suit my needs best.  I'm looking for something freely
> available not commercial software. Briefly here is what I would like the
> list to do (if customizing is required that's fine as long as it's simple -
> I'm far from an expert programmer or system admin):

I'd recommend using Sympa.

> be able to support a list that may grow to many tens of thousands of
> subscribers

It includes a bulk email, with configurable grouping factors. We manage
with 20 000 subscribers. We know of usage  with 30 000+ subscribers with
good performences..

> it will be an announcement type list - only a couple of people should be
> able to post and the rest of the subscribers will only receive messages

No problemo. You may setup the list to require a confirmation key from
moderator, or require a X509 certificate (S/MIME).

> I would like the messages to show as "From:" a name I specify
> as opposed ot the user that posted the message or (or
> similar).

Sympa provides an "anonymous_sender" list parameter. Every distributed
will have a single From:, as defined in the config.

> Archieving and digest features would be nice but strictly nessecery..

It provides digest, mail searchable web archives (based on MHOnArc). Web
can also be restricted (to subscribers, or owners,...).

> I would like users to be able to subscribe by sending a blank message to
> and to confirm their subscription by simply
> hitting reply and send as opposed to having to enter any special commands or
> keys, etc.  I would like unsubcribing to work in the same fashion.

List-subscribe are implemented, but we recommend not to use this feature
avoid a spam web harvester could subscribe to the list. 
Confirmations in message subects also works.

> That's about it.  Also I'll most likely only be running one list 2 or 3 at
> most so the idea here is not to get something that makes it easy for many
> users on a system to run mailing lists.  I and another person our two with
> root access to my system will be the only ones creating/managing lists.

Once you installed Sympa, almost everything can be performed from the
including list creation (moderated by listmaster).

Current version of Sympa is 2.7.3.
Next version (alpha next week) will also include :
	+ list configuration edition from the web
	+ shared web (upload) for each list
	+ S/MIME encryption 

Sympa :

Olivier Salaün
Comité Réseaux des Universités

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