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Subject: Re: Digest MIME types...
From: JC Dill <inet-list @ vo . cnchost . com>
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 13:09:57 -0700
To: List-Managers @ GreatCircle . COM
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On 11:25 AM 4/10/01, Charlie Summers wrote:
 >At 1:54 PM -0400 4/10/01, Tim Pierce is rumored to have typed:
 >> Sure.  But what are you going to do until then?  You still need to get
 >> the job done.
 >   That's easy - send out digests as text/plain, exactly the way I'm doing
 >now (with the exception of one tiny-subscriber-base list), which gets the job
 >done just fine, thanks.

Doesn't this break when you allow formatted posts on the list?

I'd like to see a new digest format, which would contain the index only, 
with URL links to the actual messages.  This digest index format could be 
chosen by someone who signs up to a mailing list that (currently) offers 3 
formats, regular email, digests, no email (read the list via a web 
interface).  You would then have these 3 formats:  regular email, digest 
*index* (read messages via the web interface), no email (read messages via 
the web interface).

As much as I personally hate HTMLized email, as list managers we need to 
think about how to effectively deal with it.  Our list subscribers are only 
going to want to use it more and more.  At some point we have to find a 
solution that meets their expectations, or all lists will ultimately end up 
hosted by yahoo.groups.


p.s.  Does anyone on this list read, or understand, what I say in my ,sig, 
seen below?  I'm getting quite fed up with the multiple copies I get from 
this list of supposedly technical people who really should all know 
better.  Just because selecting or clicking "reply" or "reply to all" 
happens to cause your particular email program 
to                           generate headers to send your reply to the 
list as well as to everyone who received the previous message (or to the 
list, and to the author) doesn't mean you should DO IT.  I only need one 
copy of any given reply.  If you want to send me private email that hits my 
inbox (instead of being filtered off into my list box), you need to address 
it to me personally, and NOT also to the list.  Otherwise, your duplicate 
messages merely clutter up my list folder and accomplish nothing of any value.

Real courtesy requires human effort and understanding.
Never let your machine or your habit send courtesy copies.

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