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(December 2001)

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Subject: Advice for listserver software on NT of Win 2K server.
From: Pol Van de Perre <POL @ associationhq . com>
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001 16:01:04 +0100
To: "'list-managers @ greatcircle . com'" <list-managers @ greatcircle . com>

Hi all,

I'm running a couple of small lists (up to 20 people), used for association
boards to communicate amongst themselves. 

We have a completely Microsoft based network, so when starting this service
I looked for a Windows solution. I'm currently using Arrow Mailer by Roger
Smith software.

Although this package works fairly good, it is not good enough to be
completely reliable. We basically need to check the server each day. Mainly
because it does not have a smooth handling of 'unsubscribed mail' but lately
because for some obscure reason it does not process its lists on the
specified intervals. Tha main reason for that is because it can not run as a
service and therefor is prone to crashes etc.

We are looking for something 99.9somehing reliable. When I search the web I
pretty much end up between Listserv and Majordomo. Listserv have an NT
version but is however expensive, especially conidering the small groups we
use our lists for. 

For Majordomo it looks like there is only a Linux version available. Altough
the most up-to-date FAQ dates from 1995 (Norm Aleks)

So my questions are:

Does anyone know of a Windows compatible package that is as reliable as
Has Majordomo meanwhile been ported to Windows?
Alternatively is there a web service that works completely transparent?
Something like yahoo lists, but a paying service that allows you to use a
custom address and has no advertising.
Or does anyone have a comprehensive a to z "install your Linux box and put
majordomo to work on it" guide?

In short, I would appreciate any help on implemeting a relatively
inexpensive and reliable solution for running about 5 to 10 small list of
about 20 users each.


Pol Van de Perre

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