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Subject: lists docs
From: Dan Simoes <dans @ ans . net>
Date: Sat, 6 Nov 1993 09:08:41 -0500 (EST)
To: majordomo-users @ greatcircle . com (majordomo-users)

I found it confusing with all the different lists
majordomo can handle, so I made up a table, and eventually
a doc.  Notice the useage of list-owner and list-approval.
Are these roles correctly defined?

| Dan |

Types of mailing lists handled by majordomo

The following is a complete list of majordomo list types,
in decreasing order of 'openness':

1) Auto list: a list where anything and everything is automatically approved,
   requiring no human intervention whatsoever.  That means that all postings
   will automatically appear to list members, and all subscribe/unsubscribe
   requests will also be performed automatically, even for addresses other than
   your own.  The list-approval alias will still be notified of any
   subscribe/unsubscribe activity.  An auto list requires the file in $listdir.

2) Open list: a list where subscribe/unsubscribe requests are automatic for the
   individual who sends the message to majordomo.  It is not possible to
   subscribe/unsubscribe an address different from that contained in the message
   header.  Such requests are bounced to list-approval for approval.
   An open list does not require any special files in $listdir.

3) Closed list: a list where all subscribe requests must be approved, by being 
   bounced to list-approval.  Unsubscribe requests for the individual's own
   address are performed automatically - attempting to unsubscribe others will
   bounce the request to list-approval.  
   A closed list requires the file list.closed in $listdir.

4) Private list: a closed list with added 'security', in that majordomo limits
   the commands which can be issued by non-list members.  In particular, three
   commands are restricted to list members: who, index, and get.
   A private list requires the file list.priv in $listdir.

NOTE: resend options
   By using resend in conjunction with majordomo, you can alter the behavior
   of any of the above lists:

   - A list is unmoderated by default, where all submissions by list members 
   are automatically sent to the list.  By using resend with the -a/-A flags,
   the list can be moderated, where all submissions are bounced to 
   list-approval for approval.

   - A list will accept non-member submissions by default, which will 
   immediately be distributed to the entire list.  By using resend with
   the -I <list> flag, submissions by non-list members are bounced to 
Dan Simoes			
Associate Programmer		         (914) 789-5378
Advanced Network & Services               Elmsford, NY

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