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Subject: Re: Suspension?
From: Jerry Peek <jerry @ ora . com>
Date: Thu, 07 Jul 1994 07:15:09 -0700
To: mmorse @ nsf . gov (Michael H. Morse)
Cc: majordomo-users @ GreatCircle . COM
In-reply-to: Message from (Michael H. Morse) of "Fri, 01 Jul 1994 14:55:38 -0400." <>
Reply-to: jerry @ ora . com

Mike Morse wrote (a week ago):
> > In message <9407011615.AA11522@dokoka>, Alan Stebbens writes:
> > >> I think NOMAIL is a totally redundant feature on a list with open 
> > >> subscription and unsubscription, but I'm about ready to add it in anyway
> > >> just to lower the incoming mail volume.
> We should hear from someone who knows LISTSERV about exactly why these
> features exist

I'm just catching up on my email, but I don't see an answer down there.
My best guess is that it's handy for lists that have a long approval
process.  The case that applies to Majordomo is lists that require
approval before a subscription is accepted: a NOMAIL option means that
the list owner doesn't have to approve a subscription again before the
subscriber can get back on the list.

Some LISTSERV setups make you send two or three separate mail messages
to join a list.  One is a statement that explains your background and
interests and why you should be allowed to join the list.  Another is
a reply to a confirmation that makes sure mail is getting through to
you.  In cases like these, NOMAIL is a big win.

I'm not sure that Majordomo has enough closed lists that a NOMAIL option
makes sense for it.  But it might, in some cases.

--Jerry Peek,

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