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Subject: Re: multiple hierarchical lists
From: "John P. Rouillard" <rouilj @ cs . umb . edu>
Date: Sat, 16 Jul 1994 17:29:47 -0400
To: Olly Stephens <olly @ zycad . com>
Cc: majordomo-users @ greatcircle . com
In-reply-to: Your message of "Fri, 15 Jul 1994 11:58:48 PDT." <>

In message <>,
Olly Stephens writes:
>Now, in addition, I want to restrict any one person (in other words any one
>e-mail address) to only appearing in one of the three lists.
>Thus, my questions are:
>  a) how can I automatically disallow multiple subscriptions to a set
>	 of lists?

You can't. The cron job script that somebody else recommended is your
best bet.

>  b) in the case of the internal list, can I make it non-approved subscrition
>     and include some checking mechanism which only allows people from my
>     domain?

If the lists are closed, you could build a tool that would include the
checking mechanism for a local domain. Howver that assumes that people
at your site don't leave forwarding addresses when they leave.

>  c) can I automatically maintain the "one list per address mechanism"
>     i.e. can I change it so it sends the approval person a message
>     of the form:
>     > joe_bloggs@dom.ain has requested subscription to group <product>-users
>     >
>     > (he is currently subscribed to <product>-announce)
>    And make it so that if the approval person approves it, he is
>    automatically removed from <product>-announce.

Well it is only perl code, so you could implement just about anything
with enough time/energy.

>  c) because the lists are closed, someone like me (who is on the internal
>     list) cannot send mail to the users list (correct?).  How can I make it
>     so that the subscription testing on a post knows about the hierarchy and
>     allows this type of action.

No. closed only affects how subscriptions are done. It idesn't affect
who can post to the list. The moderator or restrict_post variables are
responsible for that.

>  OR:
>  a) am I going about this totally wrong?  this stuff is brand new to me

No, your not going about it all wrong. Heirarchical lists are
something that majordomo doesn't address currently.  I have done some
thinking about it and a suggested scheme was posted to
majordomo-workers a while ago. But it doesn't work in general since it
counts on having comments in the list file when it processes it.

Just out of curiosity, what is the worst that could happen if somebody
doesn't follow directions and subscribes to 2 or 3 of the 3
heirarchical lists. Just a bit more email traffic? Then end of the
civilized universe? 

Solving the particular problem of multiple subscribes seems to be a
lot of work for little gain. Sending the multiply subscribed person a
nice form message with the output of "which" at the end should
straighten them out I would think.

				-- John
John Rouillard

Senior Systems Consultant (SERL Project) University of Massachusetts at Boston (preferred)            Boston, MA, (617) 287-6480
My employers don't acknowledge my existence much less my opinions.

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