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Subject: Unexpected Token Error
From: debbie @ qsun . att . com (Deborah A Hamilton +1 908 949 9459)
Date: 20 Jul 94 20:33:00 GMT
To: majordomo-users @ greatcircle . com
Original-from: qsun!debbie (Deborah A Hamilton +1 908 949 9459)

I have Majordomo 1.92 implemented on my server and, in
general, it's behaving very well.  However, I've been
seeing the following error in mail sent by majordomo
in response to subscribes, help, etc requests.  I was
wondering if anyone else had seen this error and knows
what causes it.  I scanned the majordomo-users archives and
FAQ and haven't seen any references to it.

Some users are posting mail to to
do subscribes, request help, indexes, etc.   The message gets
processed but the response that gets sent to the user is
not delivered due to a syntax error.

The error message that comes back is (Note: owner-graph-ti is aliased

> From:
> Date: Tue, 19 Jul  09:32:00 1994
> To: 
> Subject: smtp mail failed
> Status: R
> Your mail to UNCCVM.UNCC.EDU is undeliverable.
> ---------- diagnosis ----------
> <<< 501 Syntax Error. Unexpected Token '@'
> ---------- unsent mail ----------
>From Tue Jul 19 09:31:58 EDT 1994 
> remote from ds
> From:
> Subject: Welcome to graph-ti
> Reply-To:
> --
>    ... rest of message

This particular message was the result of a user subscribing to  The rest of the message was the welcome
message for graph-ti.  The user never got the message, but was
successfully subscribed to the list.  When a message is posted
to, it gets forwarded to the user just

This particular error is happening with a few other ids and if it 
occurs to an id, it then occurs consistantly: the requesting id can 
not get a response from a majordomo command because of the "Unexpected 
Token" error any time it sends a message to majordomo.  However -
it doesn't happen to ALL the ids.

I've looked at the headers generated by majordomo and resend and
can't find any differences other than the ids being placed in the
From: and Reply-To: lines.  But - they all look legal to me.

Thanks for any help in advance.

Deborah Hamilton
InterNIC Directory and Database 	908-949-9459
	Services Support
AT&T Bell Labortories

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