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Subject: Majordomo is acting up
From: "Carl J. DiGiorgio" <digior+ @ pitt . edu>
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 1995 11:01:04 -0500 (EST)
To: majordomo-users @ greatcircle . com

	I have (or had) majordomo successfully installed on my machine.  
I am running a Dell Pentium PC with Linux 1.1.89 and Perl 5.0.  About a month
ago, majordomo (v 1.93) was working fine.  I demo'd it to a couple of people
who I am setting up lists for and it worked fine.  Howevere, now it does not
seem to be working.  I did not change any files except those related to 
lists.  The majordomo proper files were left untouched as were the 
majordomo proper aliases.  However, when I send a test help message to 
majordomo, I get the following:
path:~$ echo help |/usr/lib/sendmail -v majordomo
new spool file is /var/spool/smail/input/0rkD41-000B5LC
|            from: digior
|         program: sendmail
|            size: 66 bytes
director aliases: matched majordomo, aliased to "|/home/majordom/wrapper 
    directed majordomo --> "|/home/majordom/wrapper majordomo" ... send 
to pipe transport
transport pipe uses driver pipe
  pipe: exec: "/bin/sh" "-c" "/home/majordom/wrapper majordomo"
write_log:note: "|/home/majordom/wrapper majordomo" ... transport pipe: 
child returned status EX_255 (255)
|              to: /home/majordom/wrapper majordomo
|         orig-to: majordomo
|        director: aliases
|       transport: pipe
Can anybody tell me what this means?  Here is the relevant section from 
my /usr/lib/aliases file:

# Majordomo Aliases
majordomo: "|/home/majordom/wrapper majordomo"
majordom: owner-majordomo
majordomo-owner: digior
owner-majordomo: majordomo-owner

Any ideas?  the wrapper program is running suid root.  I'd rather not do 
a reinstall.  Thanx in advance.

   _ _ _  _ _ _  _ _                                
  / _ _/ /_  _/ /   \  Carl J. DiGiorgio         "The reward for work well
 / /_    _/ /  / / /           done is the opportunity     
/_ _ / /_ _/  /_ _/           to do more" - Jonas Salk

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