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Subject: Re: alternate config files on the command line
From: frank @ photon . ansto . gov . au (Frank Crawford)
Date: Fri, 3 Mar 95 15:19:24 EST
To: majordomo-users @ greatcircle . com

Ron Emaus writes:
> majordomo 1.93 (still trying to upgrade from 1.92)
> SunOS4.1.4 (or 3?)
> Some weeks ago I noted 1.93 will not use an alternate config file thus:
> /somepath/wrapper majordomo -C /somepath/
> I was told by John to comment out the "require" line in 
> (Thanks John). This fixed the majordomo program.
> Today I decided to try and figure out how archive and digest work. Oh 
> woe. Anyway, how do you get and digest to accept an alternate 
> config file?
> I tried this without success:
> /somepath/wrapper digest -r -C /somepath/ -l \
>     my-list-digest my-list-digest-outgoing

No, alternate configuration files don't work for digest, it uses the `-C' to
specify the reading of the file, and has no provision for a
different name.  This needs to be looked at.

> /somepath/wrapper -C /somepath/ -m -a -f \
>     /somepath/my-list-digest.archive

A quick look at the code seems to indicate that this should work.  It certainly
has all the right stuff, unless it is then broken further down.  The other
thing is that archive doesn't use most of the information from the
configuration file anyway.
> It looks like the code to parse a config file is still in these programs 
> in version 1.93. Is this supposed to work? Or am I testing the alternate 
> config file design to the limit?


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