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Subject: Re: alternate config files or list-name.config?
From: hal9001 @ panix . com (Robert A. Rosenberg)
Date: Sat, 4 Mar 1995 03:37:47 -0500
To: bill @ biome . bio . dfo . ca (Bill Silvert)
Cc: Majordomo-Users @ GreatCircle . COM (Majordomo Users)

At 13:40 3/3/95, Bill Silvert wrote:
>I would like to say that I think the config files are great and offer
>lots of useful features.  Since this list and the list-owners list often
>contain debates about how to deal with people who send personal replies
>to the list,

This brings up a question that I have about Majordomo's message processing.
Is there anyway to set a list (or give the user the ability to set an
option) to suppress sending messages to users who are listed directly in
the To and/or Cc (due to use of Reply-to-All when replying to a message)?

What I am getting at (to use this message as an example) is that Bill
Silvert is listed in the To header and will get a copy of this message
directly. The message is also Cc'ed to the Majordomo-Users List. When
Majordomo echoes this message to the list members it will find Bill
Silvert's Email address as one of the list subscribers. I'm asking about
the existence of a method for Bill Silvert (or the List Owner) to request
that Majordomo should take cognizance of the " (Bill
Silvert)" entry in the To (or Cc) header and bypass sending its copy to Mr.
Silvert while still sending to everyone-else on the list.

Thank you.

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