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Subject: Re: Majordomo
From: "John P. Rouillard" <rouilj @ cs . umb . edu>
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 1995 16:22:30 -0500
To: "Bob Baskerville" <bbaskerville @ kcp . com>
Cc: majordomo-users @ greatcircle . com
In-reply-to: Your message of "Thu, 09 Mar 1995 11:38:56 CST." <>

In message <>,
"Bob Baskerville" writes:

>- Does it provide automatic expansion/translation/execution of body parts on
>  receipt?

No. User mesages to the list are just passed through with a few
rewritng rules at the discression of the list maintainer.

>- Does it have a method for removing subscribers after "n" times when their
>mail is returned as undeliverable?

The autobounce script does a pretty good job of finding bounced
addresses and unsubscribing them, but it doesn't have a "n" times

>- Does it prevent mail loops?

If a moderator is used, yes otherwise no. Version 1.94 should address
this issue, but that code is still in flux.

>- Does it automatically add alternate mail paths to subscribers?


				-- John

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