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(March 1995)

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Subject: subscribe with majordomo1.93
From: "Elena Fraboschi" <elena @ journal . math . indiana . edu>
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 95 17:12:25 EST
To: majordomo-users @ GreatCircle . COM
Cc: jltaylor @ ucs . indiana . edu

I am a new user of majordomo: just finished installing ver 1.93 on 
a Sparc 1+ running Sun-OS 4.1.  I have perl 4.036.

The installation went fine, and I made up a mock list called "foxies".
When I send mail to "foxies", all the users in that list receive it.
Different users at the same address where "foxies" resides (that is, can subscribe by writing, as usual,

subscribe foxies

However, if I position myself in another machine, and send a message
to requesting

subscribe foxies

I get the following message:

>From Thu Mar 23 16:21:08 1995
Received: from by
        (4.1/9.7jsm) id AA09862; Thu, 23 Mar 95 16:21:08 EST
Received: by
        (4.1/9.7jsm) id AA13094; Thu, 23 Mar 95 16:27:03 EST
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 95 16:27:03 EST
From: "Mail Delivery Subsystem" <>
Subject: Returned mail: unknown mailer error 139
To: <>
Status: RO

   ----- Transcript of session follows -----
sh: 13096 Memory fault
554 "|/u5/Majordomo/majordomo-1.93/wrapper majordomo"... unknown mailer error 139

Moreover, when I do

echo subscribe|/usr/lib/sendmail -v majordomo
majordomo... aliased to  "|/u5/Majordomo/majordomo-1.93/wrapper majordomo"
"|/u5/Majordomo/majordomo-1.93/wrapper majordomo"... Connecting to  via prog...
sh: 13522 Memory fault
"|/u5/Majordomo/majordomo-1.93/wrapper majordomo"... unknown mailer error 139

I have compiled and recompiled majordomo several times.  Suspecting
something with wrapper, I did a strings on it, which gave me this:

$Header: /sources/cvsrepos/majordomo/wrapper.c,v 1995/01/07 17:28:00 rouilj Exp $
USAGE: %s program [<arg> ...]
%s: error: insecure usage
%s: error: malloc failed
%s: error: recompile with POSIX flags.

I did not like the looks of it, so, knowing that I had a more complete
C library if I used gcc, I changed Makefile to run gcc instead of cc.
The new wrapper gives, under strings, the following:

$Header: /sources/cvsrepos/majordomo/wrapper.c,v 1995/01/07 17:28:00 rouilj Exp $

which seems to me to indicate no compilation errors.  Can anybody give
me a clue?  Many thanks, elena

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