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Subject: Re: Setting the envelope address
From: Marko Toivanen <mtoivane @ cc . joensuu . fi>
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 1995 11:15:50 +0300 (EET DST)
To: ianh @ resmel . bhp . com . au (Ian Hoyle)
Cc: majordomo-users @ GreatCircle . COM, mtoivane @ cc . joensuu . fi
In-reply-to: <v03001c02abba5068f97e@[]> from "Ian Hoyle" at Apr 19, 95 03:37:01 pm
Reply-to: mtoivane @ cc . joensuu . fi

Responding to a previous article by Ian Hoyle:
* Now there is the ability to set $SENDER for the Reply-To: header
* in the config file, but I can find no way of doing similar for the
* envelope.

It is set in your /etc/aliases file as the resend's -f flag. But rather than
do that, pester the person(s) in charge of MS Mail to configure it properly
or have your local computer people change the program so it acts properly.

* Short of wading into the perl sources myself, has anyone on this list
* come up against this problem and solved it ?? I realise the envelope
* is used for handling message bounces etc etc, but I'd rather think
* about that seperately and get the intended reply behaviour working.

You'll be thinking about bounces a lot if you set the envelope address to
the list address! You'll be directing the bounces straight to the list,
where they will be sent to the addresses that bounce, who will bounce to the
list which will send the second generation bounces to the addresses that
bounce, who will bounce to the list...

If the lists don't have too high volume, you can of course set the list
moderated and manually approve all other messages to the list but the
bounces, which may mean a lot of labor to you, or set up a kind of filtering
approval automate (risky).

Have fun,

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