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Subject: Re: a mail error question
From: Paul-Joseph de Werk <paul%av2 . vrx . vhi . com @ vhipub . vhi . com>
Date: 19 Apr 1995 15:19:28 -0700
To: majordomo-users @ greatcircle . com, ditus @ pencom . com
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An ether being in cyberspace calling itself - Expeditus Bolanos - uttered:
| Date: Wed, 19 Apr 95 13:46:48 -0500
| Subject: a mail error question
| What does these errors mean?  Should I consider these as BOUCE's and kick  
| the users out.  I get lots of these errors and it appears that such errors  
| are dragging my mail (filling up the mail queue).
| >421 (ddn)... Deferred: Connection refused by TRAC.ARMY.MIL
| >421 (ddn)... Deferred: Connection timed out during user open with  
| >

Deferred says that it will be held in the sendmail queue and tried again
later.  The 421 means that sendmail either couldn't connect to the
destination host, or that the destination host found out it needed to
shut down in the middle of the transaction (e.g. system reboot).  I
wouldn't kick the users out unless it became a regular problem with the
same users.  If it was a problem I'd try to find out why the connection
couldn't be completed.

| Also, does anyone know where I can find documentation on what the error  
| codes means such as 500, 421, 554, etc.

RFC821 contains these error codes.  You can get a copy of the rfc from:

or send email:
	send rfc821.txt

| Any suggestions or comments will be much appreciated.
| Thank you in advance.

You're welcome.


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