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Subject: Re: Help with Error
From: roshne @ faerun . sojourn . com (Rod Shelton)
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 1995 23:05:47 -0400
To: David Wolfe <david_wolfe @ risc . sps . mot . com>
Cc: majordomo-users @ greatcircle . com, smail3-users @ cs . athabascau . ca

Sorry folks I accidentaly sent the wrong version of the Makefile I had used.
Apologies!  This one will really have the POSIX flags turned on.  

At 09:06 PM 4/24/95 -0500, David Wolfe wrote:
>[ Rod Shelton writes: ]
>> Over the course of the past couple of days, I've also received EX_4 (4) and
>> EX_126 (126), it seems to have settled into EX_5 (5) :(
>> "|/usr/local/bin/majordomo/wrapper majordomo" ... transport pipe: child
>> returned status EX_5 (5)
>Look in wrapper.c. The exit(4) means wrapper isn't built or installed
>correctly. Exit(5) means the exec of the majordomo script or Perl
>failed. Exit(126) is a mystery, but probably the least of your problems. ;-)
Ok, I only got a warning while compiling.  

wrapper.c: In function `main':
wrapper.c:65: warning: comparison between pointer and integer

Everything else went without complaints.

So I made up a test mail message and fed it to wrapper ala...

wrapper majordomo < test.msg

and it tells me to recompile with POSIX, but the problem is I already have
compiled with POSIX.  Attached is my Makefile, if anyone sees anything
wrong, HELP! :)

# $Source: /sources/cvsrepos/majordomo/Makefile,v $
# $Revision: $
# $Date: 1995/01/07 18:06:48 $
# $Author: rouilj $
# $State: Exp $
# $Header: /sources/cvsrepos/majordomo/Makefile,v 1995/01/07 18:06:48 rouilj Exp $
# $Locker:  $

# this makefile installs the following structure for the bsd universe:
# (root is W_BIN below)
#    root -+--          -- actual majordomo scripts, libraries etc 
#	   +-- Tools    -- tools like archive
#	   +-- bin      -- user level tools, approve, bounce etc
#	   +-- man      -- man pages

# This is where "wrapper" looks for the programs it's supposed to run.

# This is the environment that (along with LOGNAME and USER inherited from the
# parent process, and without the leading "W_" in the variable names) gets
# passed to processes run by "wrapper"


# Use these settings for BSD-based systems, including SunOS 4.x.  If you're
# using a POSIX-compliant system (including SysV and BSDI), comment these
# settings out, and uncomment the POSIX settings below.

# If you're using a POSIX-compliant system, uncomment this set of parameters
# and comment out the BSD settings above.
W_UID = 100
W_GID = 2
# For those stupid machines that try to use csh
SHELL = /bin/bash

default: wrapper

install: install-scripts install-man
	@echo "Run 'make install-wrapper' as root"

install-wrapper: wrapper
	cp wrapper       $(W_BIN)/wrapper
	chown ${W_CHOWN} $(W_BIN)/wrapper
	chmod ${W_CHMOD} $(W_BIN)/wrapper

install-scripts: install-cf
	@-test -d $(W_BIN)/Tools || mkdir $(W_BIN)/Tools
	cp contrib/  $(W_BIN)/Tools
	@-test -d $(W_BIN)/bin || mkdir $(W_BIN)/bin
	cp approve bounce medit $(W_BIN)/bin
	cp bounce-remind majordomo \\
	   new-list request-answer resend resend.README \
	   digest/digest test \

# the target will install the sample config file in the
# proper place unless a file exists in whcih case the
# file will be used.
	(test ! -f  && echo "using" && \
		cp $(W_BIN)/; exit 0)
	(test -f  && echo "using" && \
		cp $(W_BIN)/; exit 0) 

	@-test -d $(W_BIN)/man || mkdir $(W_BIN)/man
	@-test -d $(W_BIN)/man/man1 || mkdir $(W_BIN)/man/man1
	@-test -d $(W_BIN)/man/man8 || mkdir $(W_BIN)/man/man8
	cp Doc/man/approve.1 $(W_BIN)/man/man1
	cp Doc/man/majordomo.8 $(W_BIN)/man/man8

install-shared: install-wrapper-shared install-scripts

install-wrapper-shared: wrapper
	@test -d $(W_BIN)/wrappers || mkdir $(W_BIN)/wrappers
	@test -d $(W_BIN)/wrappers/$(W_GROUP) || mkdir $(W_BIN)/wrappers/$(W_GROUP)
	strip wrapper
	cp wrapper $(W_BIN)/wrappers/$(W_GROUP)/wrapper.`arch`
	cp $(W_BIN)/wrappers/$(W_GROUP)/wrapper
	@echo 'run make permissions-shared' as root to set permissions

	cp contrib/ $(W_BIN)/archive 

	cp contrib/ $(W_BIN)/archive 

	cp contrib/ $(W_BIN)/archive 

	chown ${W_CHOWN} $(W_BIN)/wrappers/$(W_GROUP)/wrapper.`arch`
	chown ${W_CHOWN} $(W_BIN)/.
	chmod ${W_CHMOD} $(W_BIN)/wrappers/$(W_GROUP)/wrapper.`arch`

wrapper: wrapper.c Makefile
	$(CC) ${WRAPPER_FLAGS} -o wrapper wrapper.c

	rm -f  wrapper *~

dist-clean: clean
	rm -f .cvsignore todo.local .dcl archive
	rm -rf regress Doc/samples Tools

distribution: dist-clean
	mkdir majordomo-$(VERSION)
	mv * .??* majordomo-$(VERSION) || exit 0
	rm -rf majordomo-$(VERSION)/CVS majordomo-$(VERSION)/*/CVS majordomo-$(VERSION)/*/*/CVS
	tar -cZvf majordomo-$(VERSION).tar.Z  majordomo-$(VERSION)
Rod Shelton
System Administrator for Sojourn Systems
For accounts and services contact:
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