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Subject: Re: Forwarding bounced messages (fwd)
From: Mikko Makela <mmmakela @ cc . helsinki . fi>
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 1995 20:29:21 +0300 (EETDST)
To: Majordomo-Users @ GreatCircle . COM

Forwarded message:

> From  Wed Apr 26 19:15:25 1995
> From: (Dave Wolfe)

> [ Mikko Makela writes: ]
> > 1) When someones message bounces because MD consideres it as 
> > administrative or because it's too long, I would like to automatically
> > tell the original sender about the matter. What should I do ?
> > I could ofcourse write my own C-program to handle them with the filter,
> > but I would prefer not to 8) (I'm hopeless in writing sripts).
> Unless you're going to always ignore such bounces, what's the point?
> If you approve it, all you've done is induce the sender to resend
> a modified message duplicating the original. Bounces you choose to
> ignore can easily be handled with a canned response when you make that
> decision.
Well, if they would receive intructions how to (un)subscribe properly,
I wouldn't have to find the address from their message and make 
approve message manually... I'm not only after this, because I'm
tired of doing that, but also because if I now leave for a holiday,
there could be tens of bounced messages waiting for me when I come
back. (well, they would still be there, but I would only have to
check for bounces made by mistake)

> > 2) There seems to be bug in MD so that one can subscribe addresses,
> > which can't be unsubscribed after that, although they appear on
> > the list when sending the command "who". I noticed this, when I
> > approved one newsgroup name to the list (alt.sys.something), but
> > realized after that it wasn't going to work so easily. 
> > Has this been noticed by others ?
> Obviously you didn't subscribe alt.sys.something using the implicit
> address, so you must unsubscribe it the same way, i.e. explicitly. For
> example:
> unsubscribe something-list alt.sys.something
That didn't work. I tried it several times with the exact address I got
with "who": 
approve <password> something-list alt.sys.something

I always got the answer "no such user" (or something like that).
I would try it again, but I don't want to bother my postmaster again 8).


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