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Subject: Re: Notification
From: "Mats Wichmann (mipsABI Consultant)" <mats @ questa . engr . sgi . com>
Date: Fri, 7 Jul 1995 15:26:24 -0700
To: majordomo-users @ greatcircle . com (Majordomo Users)
In-reply-to: Don Yuniskis <> "Re: Notification" (Jul 7, 14:42)
References: <>

> # > > How do I stop majordomo from sending me notification every time 
> # > > someone subscribes or unsubscribes from a mailing list?
> # >
> # > You don't want to do this.  These notifications are the only thing you
> # > have to rebuild the subscriber list if it gets lost.  Majordomo has
> # > eaten the subscriber file twice on my lists and I have seen it
> # > reported by at least one other person on majordomo-users.
> # > 
> # > Do a 'who' on your list every so often, and keep the (un)subscribe
> # > notifications between times.
> # 
> # Couldn't a more succint (and easily maintained) list of people
> # be gotten from the majordomo log? you could alway weed out
> # the who's, info's etc... And keep a recent copy of that.
> C'mon... if you want to keep a backup of the list of subscribers,
> keep all of their subscription/unsubscribe requests lying around.
> Set up a crontab to make a backup of all your lists each night/week/etc.
> You could always 'diff' to see what's been lost/added since last
> backup...

Or use rcs or something....
but again, remember that not all of us have this much control over the
machine on which the lists are kept.  For example, in my case, I
can get access to the host, but the files are not readable by me.

-- mats

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