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(November 1995)

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Subject: Munged subject in moderated lists
From: root <root @ knotwork . com>
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 1995 21:51:20 -0400 (AST)
To: majordomo-users @ greatcircle . com

Someone mentioned this problem and I didnt think it applied to me so I 
deleted the message.

I just posted another message to my moderated list and encountered the 
same problem. The subject line was gone, the first couple of header lines 
(Date: and From:) were there then the first paragraph/sentence (two 
lines) of my message, then the "Sender:" and "Precedence:" headers, then 
a blank line then the rest of the message. Since I have posted a couple 
other messages successfully, and it took me much experimenting (due to 
the actual list file being trashed by disk corruption, it turned out) to 
get those two posted, I feel I have now enough info to formulate a 
tentative theory as to what is happening.

This message that had the problem was one I tried to shortcut the 
approval of by putting in "Approved: mypassword" as the first line of the 
message when first sending it, instead of waiting for it to get bounced.
Whereas when the bounce occurs, one method of approval that has worked 
for me is to export the message to a file, put the Approved: header in 
the very start of the file, even before the "From with no colon after it" 
line that starts the message.

Thus my tentative hypothesis for the person who encountered this problem 
is that they may be putting the Approved: line deeper into the message 
than at the very very start of the file. I know, the docs say you can put 
it at the start of the message. Fine. Whatever. Meanwhile though, I can 
tell you that I can duplicate the problem by placing the Approved header 
as the first line of the body of a message, but have NOT yet duplicated 
the problem (ie, had no problem) when placing the Approved header at the 
very very start of the file, preceding even the initial "From", the one 
that has no colon. This can be accomplished in e.g. pine by using 
"export" to export the message to a file, then edit the file and put in 
AS VERY FIRST LINE of the file the approved header; then go back into 
pine and use control-R "read file" to read the file back in as body of 

The major difference between this and just originally sending a message 
that has an approved header from the start, is that following the 
approved header will be another header, the header the mail had when 
first sent. Also, the first thing following the approved header will be a 
>From line of the sort that has no colon.

Hopefully this will serve as an adequate workaround for whoever had 
written about this problem.

Blessed Be. -MarkM-

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