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Subject: RE: what aliases do I need?
From: Steve Linn <slinn @ skl . com>
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 1995 19:59:31 -0500
To: "majordomo-users @ GreatCircle . COM" <majordomo-users @ GreatCircle . COM>, "'Michael A. Naud'" <manaud @ naz . edu>

	This sounds like you may not have all of the required aliases
defined. I am including a portion of my aliases file for you. perhaps it
will help.


I just setup Majordomo 1.93 on my system. I'm having a little trouble 
with the required aliases. I have one for majordomo-owner, majordomo and 
the name of the list. I have an empty file called test (name of the list) 
and the file and test.passwd files. When I try to send a 
message to with the text subscribe test I get back a 
message saying no such list. I can get back the general help info from 
majordomo, but that is all. I have these files in my listdir and they 
have the right protection. Any clues?


Michael Naud

Michael A. Naud                          Internet:
Internet Administrator                   Facsimile:       716.586.2452
Nazareth College, Rochester NY 14618     Voice:      716.586.2525 x827

                        Systems Knowledge Link
                            SKL Enterprises
           Dealers/Consultants in Computer Software Equipment
             Internet Services   WWW Pages   Remote Services

Steve Linn             E-Mail:
#	@(#)aliases	8.2 (Berkeley) 3/5/94
#  Steve Linn - November 3, 1995
#		Initial build in preparation for Majordomo
#  Aliases in this file will NOT be expanded in the header from
#  Mail, but WILL be visible over networks or from /bin/mail.
#	>>>>>>>>>>	The program "newaliases" must be run after
#	>> NOTE >>	this file is updated for any changes to
#	>>>>>>>>>>	show through to sendmail.
# Basic system aliases -- these MUST be present.
MAILER-DAEMON:	postmaster
owner-owner:	postmaster
postmaster:	slinn
# Majordomo
majordomo:	"|/bbs/majordomo/wrapper majordomo"
majordom:	owner-majordomo
Majordomo-Owner: steve
owner-majordomo: Majordomo-Owner
# Sample Mailing List
owner-sample:	sample-owner
sample:		"|/bbs/majordomo/wrapper resend -p bulk -M 10000 -l sample -f Sample-Owner -h -s sample-outgoing" 
sample-owner:	slinn
sample-approval: sample-owner
sample-outgoing: :include:/bbs/majordomo/lists/sample, sample-archive
owner-sample-outgoing: sample-owner
sample-archive: /usr/local/archive/sample
owner-sample-archive: sample-owner
sample-request:	"|/bbs/majordomo/wrapper majordomo -l sample"
owner-sample-request: sample-owner
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