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Subject: Problem with archiving.
From: hennie @ info1 . sabinet . co . za (Hennie Rautenbach)
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 1995 21:28:47 +0200 (SADT)
To: majordomo-users @ greatcircle . com

Hi there,

I've just installed majordomo 1.93 on my HP H50 running HP-UX 9.04 and

I've installed it according to the README file and I've also read the FAQ.

I'm having some problems in getting the archiving to work. I would like 
all messages to be archived in "/usr/local/majordomo/archive/sabilist.archive"

Could someone please supply me with sample entries for $filedir, 
$filedir_suffix and @archive_dirs as it should appear in the
file ?

I would also like to know exactly which path to specify in my aliases file
to make use of the mentioned directory ?

Here is the archive entry in my aliases file:

sabilist-outgoing::include:/usr/local/majordomo/lists/sabilist, "| /usr/local/majordomo/bin/wrapper digest -r -C -l sabilist-digest sabilist-digest-outgoing", "| /usr/local/majordomo/bin/wrapper -a -m -f /usr/local/majordomo/archive/sabilist.archive"

Many thanks in advance.


        | Hennie Rautenbach       E-Mail:      |
        | Computing Services                                              |
        | Sabinet - Pretoria            Fax  :  (27)-12-663-3543          |
        | South Africa                  Voice:  (27)-12-663-4954          | 

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