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(November 1995)

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Subject: Out of memory error from Majordomo 1.93
From: Eric Hedstrom <EricH @ stac . com>
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 95 07:41:00 PST
To: majordomo-users <majordomo-users @ greatcircle . com>

Majordomo 1.93 is giving me out of memory messages (via a bounced email) 
whenever I send it a "lists" or "subscribe" command. It's running under 
Linux 1.2.1 (Slackware 2), and it happens with either Perl 4.036 or Perl 

I checked the FAQ on the web, and it of course says to check permissions on 
everything (in this case, the Log file). The permissions on the Log are ok 
(uid & gid majordom, mode 664), as is everything else (except the 
executables, of course, which are 775).

I don't think it's relevant, but it's currently on a tiny network without a 
name server. So sendmail (v8) is set to work without a name server, and I'm 
just trying to subscribe with an account on the same system.

The FAQ, unfortunately, is pretty vague on what can cause this besides 
having the wrong permissions set. Can anybody offer any insight?


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