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(January 1996)

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Subject: Re: List owner approval que
From: "Dennis Black" <dennis . black @ UAlberta . CA>
Date: 30 Jan 1996 09:20:07 -0700
To: "majordomo-users" <majordomo-users @ greatcircle . com>
Cc: "DICK FEDDER" <fedderd @ GVSU . EDU>

        Reply to:   RE>>List owner approval question

     Here's the latest on my testing.  No matter what I do I cannot send a 
     message with an "Approved:" line from Lotus cc:Mail to a moderated 

     When the list owner receives a post from a list 
     member, then sends it to the list, approved, it doesn't always work 

Dick, since some e-mail apps won't let you insert lines in the header,
we've found the easiest way to send the approved: <passwd> is to put it
in the message's text area, as the first line. Majordomo still strips it
off just fine, so no one discovers your passwd. Example:
approved: <passwd>
The message from person "a" to person "b" starts here.

This can be done by either cut-and-pasting only the text of the original
message (sans headers) or forwarding with changes - adding the approved

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