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Subject: Re: My mailing list has sudd
From: "Dennis Black" <dennis . black @ UAlberta . CA>
Date: 31 Jan 1996 09:56:22 -0700
To: "majordomo-users" <majordomo-users @ greatcircle . com>
Cc: "Evan Welsh" <R . E . Welsh @ quadstone . co . uk>

        Reply to:   RE>My mailing list has suddenly dried up

From: Evan Welsh
One of my mailing lists has suddenly stopped getting through to a large
number of its recipients.
As far as I can make out, nothing has changed in either the majordomo
set-up or the mmdf email set-up here and I've received no bounce mail.
It may not be relevant but members of another list which doesn't use
majordomo, just mmdf) have been complaining about receiving messages

Evan, with 184 subscribers on your list, this won't be too harsh...

Either edit the subscribers list and visually check for duplicates, (yes,
duplicates CAN occur, for some strange reason) or, print the subscribers list
and grep -c each address. I experienced this in one list. 

I saved the subscribers list to a text file, then opened it with an editor on
a Windows machine, and found what appeared to be duplicates were prefixed by
hidden characters. Could have been tabs, stray CR or LF, I
didn't bother investigating; I just wanted the list working again, so I 
deleted the "bad" duplicates.  In this instance where the duplicates
appeared, it almost seemed like the file started over, with two or three
e-mail addresses from the top of the list. The list has been fine since.
Don't know if this will help. Also don't know if this is a Majordomo read/
write problem while rewriting the subscribers list, or our host machine. 

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