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Subject: Re: Q: Preventing Wrapped Lines
From: Bruno Bloch <bbloch @ sprynet . com>
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 96 00:50:05 -0000
Cc: "Majordomo Talk" <majordomo-users @ GreatCircle . COM>

>Give them software that represents the message onscreen as it would be seen
>by anyone receiving the message?  Sure, I have a mail reader that will wrap
>long lines for me when I ask, but most people don't.  You might be seeing
>what happens when a message without line breaks goes through a mail
>transfer agent that converts to quoted-printable.  In that case, lines will
>be broken with an equals sign at the end.  Readers will need a MIME-aware
>user agent to properly decode the message.

For the Mac Claris Emailer does a great job. Although you can have the 
window wider than 75 (or was it 77) characters, it will automatically 
wrap the entire text before sending it off. It uses less than 80 
characters to allow quoting it for a reply afterwards and still stick to 
less than 80 unless the mail gets quoted and quoted repeatedly adding a 
quote string each what ever mail software the replying party 

But I understand that Prodigy is mostly used by PC users...but I am sure 
there are packages doing the same.

Best regards

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