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Subject: Re: sendmail virtuals
From: Jeff Heinen <jeffh @ grover . inherent . com>
Date: Tue, 09 Jul 1996 07:54:20 -0700
To: jmcphail @ kcstar . com
Cc: majordomo-users @ GreatCircle . COM, jeffh @ grover . inherent . com
In-reply-to: Your message of "Mon, 08 Jul 1996 23:22:15 CDT."

-> Hi everybody -
-> I just finished getting sendmail virtual domains working on one of my
-> hosts (using the -DNEWDB compile flag, and the new db library). All is
-> well with user@this.domain & user@that.domain going to seperate
-> accounts.
-> All is not well, however, with my aliases file.  When I put in the
-> aliases for majordomo and for my lists that require piping to a perl
-> script I get an error upon mailing:
-> 550 Cannot mail directly to programs
-> From the error, I think that makemap translated the alias correctly,
-> (realizes that majordomo is really an alias for a program), but now
-> SOMETHING ELSE has changed.
-> And I'm no sendmail wiz...
-> I've tried using both btree and hash formats in my aliases.db file,
-> tried it with and without the surrounding quote-marks, even tried piping
-> to other scripts that I wrote just to test this.

We are using virtual hosts here as well. We have seperated everything
into files, the normal "aliases" file, and then "extended aliases" files.
The extended asliases are files comtaining the virtual informaion. The
work very well with normal aliases, ->
But not aliases. 
	The way I have gotten around this is that the list aliases
are rerouted to the normal aliase file. -> 
foodomo@this.local.machine. And -> foo-list@this.local.machine.

No, this isnt the best way, but it works! You will have to edit some of the
majordomo scripts and add $whereami to several of the calls to sendmail.
( ie. $list-approval becomes $list-approval@$wherami )

Unfortunally, this does not route EVERY error correctly. Some braindead mailers
return errors to places other then the errors-to address. Im looking into
fixing this, but it is not terribly high priority for me right now.

I hope this helps, altho, just comming off a long weekend. I am a tad 
slow. :_)


Jeff Heinen                       
Systems Administration And Network Operations

Network Operations Center        |  Tel.: 503-224-6751
Inherent.Com, Inc.               |  Fax:  503-224-9273
2110 SW Jefferson St.  3rd Floor |
Portland, Oregon  USA  97201     |

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