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(July 1996)

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Subject: Basic problems majordomo v1.93
From: "Michael S. James" <mjames @ xicom . com>
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 1996 08:21:13 -0400 (EDT)
To: majordomo-users @ greatcircle . com


I have just installed majordomo v1.93 (1st time setting up a listserver) 
and all was going well until I subscribed to my test list.  I got the 
'help' & 'list' commands to work initially, so somethings right(?).

Here are the problems.

1.  I could not subscribe to my test list w/o specifying the optional 
e-mail address (i.e. subscribe test  W/o the address, 
I get back from majordomo,

	>>>>>subscribe test

and that's all.  When I sent 'subscribe test', majordomo 
told me that I will have to be approved first.  I did not knowingly set 
the test list to be moderated.  The test.config file has 'no' for moderated.

2.  Have several machines on my network and could not subscribing form 
them. Basically, majordomo returns that same type of thing back to me as 
above.  What ever I send, majordomo returns back w/o indicating whether 
the command succeded or not, sort of like

	>>>>>lists    or 	>>>>>subscribe test

3.  This last problem is coupled with the second problem.  All messages 
that I send that I send to majordomo that don't get acknowledged as 
succeeded or not, the return messages stay in /var/spool/mqueue and get 
resent ever 10 minutes or so.  I noticed that I kept getting all these 
messages telling me the samething.  That's what tipped me off that I 
wasn't really subscribed, so sent a 'who test' command and majordomo told 
me that noone was subscribed.  But the who command worked after I sent my 
address in the subcription command.

I hope this makes sense and wonder if anyone has insight to my 
configuration errors.



| Mike James                   XICOM NetWorks, Inc.                           |
|             Newark DE's Premier Christian Internet Gateway |
|        302-369-8842 (voice) 302-369-8846 (fax)        |

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