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Subject: Re: Solaris2.5.1 and Perl5 and Majordomo1.93
From: Cameron Simpson <cameron @ research . canon . com . au>
Organization: Canon Information Systems Research Australia, Sydney, Oz
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 1996 10:58:58 +1000 (EST)
To: Shoko TAKAHASHI <shoko @ tokyo . nikkei . co . jp>
Cc: majordomo-users @ GreatCircle . COM
References: <>
Reply-to: cameron @ research . canon . com . au

Shoko TAKAHASHI <> writes:
|  I would like to use majordomo for administoration of out mailing
|  lists. So I installed majordomo-1.93 in our machine, and now testing.
|  But Some problem I have, so please advice to me.
|  The problem:
|  Everytime I send a message (subscribe, or lists ,etc.) to majordomo,
|  there is a "Unknown mailer error 139" Return mail from Mailer-daemon.
|  I'm debug with perl debugger (added -d option to "majordomo" first line )
|  then I know this error is Segmentation fault error and this occurred
|  at line 1060 in when eval-function run.
|  I heard that this majordomo is primary runned under perl4.036, so I
|  want to know :
|  1) Under our enviroment, is it OK?
|  2) Why this problem occurred?

I am running 1.93 with perl5.002 on Solaris 2.5. It works fine. (I
think I had to change some literal "@" into "\@" in some strings.) My
first thought is that perhaps your Segmentation fault stems from a bug
in Perl5 which is fixed in 5.002. Which version version does perl -v
report? [ Looks below - I see you're using 5.001 - I think 5.002 does
have some bugfixes in it. ] You may need to build a later version. (You
can FTP one from me if you like.)

|  Please teach me.
|  Thanx a lot for reading my poor English.

No worries. Your "poor English" is much better than my poor
any-other-language you might name :-)
	- Cameron Simpson, DoD#743
I would tell you to go to hell, but I see that you already live in Glasgow.
	- (Cathi A Cook)

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