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Subject: Re: Resend Errors
From: Jim Lentini <lentinij @ dataadmin . irm . r9 . fws . gov>
Date: Fri, 9 Aug 1996 08:51:18 -0600 (MDT)
To: Jason L Tibbitts III <tibbs @ hpc . uh . edu>
Cc: majordomo-users @ GreatCircle . COM, John Lambertson <lambertj @ dataadmin . irm . r9 . fws . gov>, alan_fisher @ mail . fws . gov
In-reply-to: <>

Jason, thanks for replying to my questions.

Wrapper doesn't spin eternally but it will spawn instances of sh, resend 
and sendmail which won't die.

I'm beginning to think the errors are in the Permissions of the wrapper.
I've read the FAQ, ORAs' docs, and the README but they are confusing me 
on one point:

When editing the Makefile what should W_UID & W_GID be set to? 
majordom:majordom or do they need to be root & daemon. I've tried it both 
ways to no avail. The docs confuse me the more I read them. 

I don't have Perl5 on my system so I can't run the test you suggest. If I 
install it (Perl5) will 1.93 work with Perl5?

wrapper 1.92 and 1.93 both compile cleanly so if I can just get the owner 
and group figured out should that solve it?

Anyhow thanks agin for your input.


On 8 Aug 1996, Jason L Tibbitts III wrote:

> >>>>> "JL" == Jim Lentini <> writes:
> JL> Now the wrapper binary runs eternally. And I have to rm resend in order
> JL> to stop the process.
> Are you certain that the wrapper spins forever?  Or is the process that the
> wrapper spawns spinning?
> Try putting the following:
> #!/usr/local/bin/perl5
> print "$<\n$>\n";
> as in the same directory as the wrapper, and make it executable.  Run
> it like this:
> XYX:sina:~/lists/majordomo> ./
> 7225
> 7225
> XYX:sina:~/lists/majordomo> ./wrapper
> 101
> 101
> That gives a basic check that the wrapper is working; the first output
> should be your uid, the latter should be your majordomo user's uid.
> Different OSes may differ slightly, but the invocation under wrapper should
> always change one of the numbers.
> JL> What are some factors that would cause resend to not die?
> If resend is spinning, the general cause is a permission problem that
> causes it to not be able to lock the files it needs.  1.93 can get into an
> infinite loop, continually consuming memory.  1.94 is better in that
> respect.
> -- 
>       Jason L. Tibbitts III - - 713/743-8684 - 221SR1
> System Manager:  University of Houston High Performance Computing Center
>                 1994 PC800 "Kuroneko"      DoD# 1723

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