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Subject: Re: No lists listed & more problems
From: "Steven K. Buehler" <skb @ sbcomp . com>
Date: Thu, 15 Aug 1996 09:57:18 -0500
To: Dave Wolfe <david_wolfe @ risc . sps . mot . com>, uunet!sbcomp . com!skb @ uunet . uu . net (Steven K. Buehler)
Cc: uunet!uiuc . edu!p-schne @ uunet . uu . net, uunet!GreatCircle . COM!majordomo-users @ uunet . uu . net

>> The group should be set to daemon. That did the trick for me. Daemon
>> is the one that runs the mail server when things come in, not the
>> majordomo group.
>Then you don't have wrapper installed correctly or aren't using it.
>Wrapper sets the uid and gid of all Mj programs to what was configured
>in the Makefile. The only reason to have the list files (and parent
>directory) owned by group 'daemon' is if you set things up for *no*
>world permissions. Then the only way sendmail can get to the list files
>is through the group permissions.

I just set up my majordomo a couple of weeks ago and when I came up with
that problem, that is what someone told me to do and it worked just fine.
Except that I forgot to mention that He also told me to go into my sendmail
and set up majordomo as a Trusted User.  Other then that, everything EXCEPT
wrapper is majordom:daemon on my system and that was set up by the install.
It set wrapper up as owned by root because I am on a SunOS system and had to
compile using the POSIX compliance options.  I am not an expert at it and I
could be wrong on my answers, but since I just installed it, I was just
giving what worked for me as an answer. :)

Steven K. Buehler
S & B Computers, Inc.
St. Joseph, Missouri 64507-1632
Phone 816-232-2918
Fax 816-232-2336

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