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(August 1996)

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Subject: list-request problems
From: Jason Fritz <fritz @ asel . udel . edu>
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 1996 20:08:19 -0400 (EDT)
To: Majordomo-Users @ GreatCircle . COM
Cc: Jason Fritz <fritz @ einstein . asel . udel . edu>


Recently, I tried to set up a list at our site and enable the 
list-request option. After making the changes to the request-answer file 
suggested in the FAQ, the result was only slightly better. Regardless of 
the actual request, the same message is returned (the message at the end 
of the request-answer file), which says to use the Majordomo@my-site 
instead of list-request. Sending requests through 
works fine, but I thought it'd be nice to utilize the request address 
option. I must also point out that the administrator who 
initially installed Majordomo, and the only person who knows anything about 
it, has taken a job elsewhere.

thanks for your help,

Jason P. Fritz		  Graduate Research Asst., U of Delaware    	     Dept. of Electrical Engineering

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