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(August 1996)

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Subject: Re: Duplicate messages to a
From: "Dennis Black" <Dennis . Black @ UAlberta . CA>
Date: 21 Aug 1996 10:45:26 -0600
To: "Kevin Kelleher" <kevink @ concorde . com>, "Leslie Mikesell" <les @ mcs . com>
Cc: bpaxton @ hendrix . amd . com, majordomo-users @ greatcircle . com

        Reply to:   RE>>Duplicate messages to a person on several mailing

On Tue, 20 Aug 1996, Beth Paxton wrote:
> > Help!  Our boss is on several majordomo mailing lists (by necessity), but
> > when I send a message to EACH of the mailing lists (to let folks know
> > a downtime or something like that), he as many messages as the number of
> > lists he is on.  Is there some option in the file I can set
> > that will not send duplicate messages if several lists are included in
> > the mail message?

To which was added:

> One solution would be to make an "all" list by combining all
> the other lists and doing a sort to remove duplicates.  This
> could be done as a cron job every night if need be.

Les Mikesell added:

You probably can't do it with majordomo alone, but if you hand-build
a list that uses :include:/path/to/list1,:include:/path/to/list2, etc,
sendmail should weed out the duplicates.

Even simpler...
Name and create your <big-list> 
In the <big-list> subscriber's file, enter the names of the three or four
other lists. 
When you send out a message to <big-list>, it gets distributed to the
<big-list> subscribers - the other lists. And Majordomo will do the 
duplicate-checking for you. 
I've had this sort of thing set up for over a year. We have 5 sections in
our department. I created a list for each section. Then I created a 
department-wide list. There are five subscribers to the dept-wide list:
the other 5. When someone sends to the dept-wide, all five groups get
it. With restrict_post = group1: group2: group3: group4: group5, all
subscribers can cross-post to the other groups.

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