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Subject: sender/precedence/reply-to
From: "Dennis Black" <Dennis . Black @ UAlberta . CA>
Date: 29 Aug 1996 10:57:52 -0600
To: "Majordomo Users" <majordomo-users @ greatcircle . com>

REGARDING                sender/precedence/reply-to

Several times over the past year I've seen posts from users stating that
when they have a moderated list, they forward the message back to Majordomo
with "approved: pswd", and then they get a "jumbled" post.
The message appears first, followed by the resend-inserted Sender, and
Precedence, and if they've specified one, a Reply-To.
Perhaps even followed by more message.
I finally woke up and smelled the coffee.
Don't blame it on Majordomo or resend - it's your e-mail gateway config
or your desktop e-mail config. At one of these places, someone's chosen
Majordomo's looking for the HEADers at the HEAD of the message, as in
this excerpt from resend:

 if ($in_hdr) {
            if (/^\s*$/) {
                # end of header; add new header fields
                print OUT "Sender: $sender\n";
                if (defined($opt_p)) {
                    print OUT "Precedence: $opt_p\n";
                if (defined($opt_r)) {
                    print OUT "Reply-To: ",

If you move things around, MajorD can't find 'em.
I've got to live with this. In my spare time, I also look after an e-mail
gateway, with users who didn't want to have to scroll through the "junk."
(not my term - I find RFC822's interesting reading sometimes....)
I had to configure the gateway to put RFC stuff at the bottom.

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