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Subject: Re: Weird resend problem
From: Dave Sill <de5 @ sws5 . ctd . ornl . gov>
Organization: Oak Ridge National Lab, Oak Ridge, Tenn., USA
Date: 29 Aug 1996 17:55:34 -0000
To: sysop @ biome . bio . dfo . ca (Bill Silvert)
Cc: Majordomo-Users @ GreatCircle . COM (Majordomo Users)
In-reply-to: <>
References: <> (Bill Silvert) wrote:

>I just received the following error message. I am baffled because the
>list involved has been working fine, I haven't changed the alias, and in
>fact I was responding to a message that came through the list without
>difficulty. The warning from resend doesn't make any sense, since both
>of the arguments -l and -h are specified.
>I have not changed the configuration or any other files. All other lists
>seem to be functioning well, and the aliases are all constructed from
>the same template.

Try re-running newaliases. I saw the same error once with a DBM alias
database that had a ridiculously short record size. That doesn't seem
to be what's happening to you, but a corrupted aliases database could
explain what you're seeing.


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