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Subject: problems with resend
From: SANDRA CEJUDO FUNES <sandrac @ reduno . com . mx>
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 1996 13:31:38 -0600 (CST)
To: majordomo-users @ greatcircle . com


   Thank you to all that help me whith my CPU problem. 
   Finally I found the problem, it was the uid, gid in makefile; it has 
to be the majordomo user uid and the majordom group gid.
   Your ideas were very useful.

   Now I have another problem, when somebody sends a message to the list, 
everybody gets it but the resend process keeps going and never ends. If 
you make a ps -f | grep resend you get the following:

majordom 18592 18591  0 13:11:37 ?        0:01 /opt3/perl-unam/bin/perl 
-U /opt3/majordomo/resend -l prueba1 -h verdi.invdes.r
majordom 18597 18596  0 13:11:38 ?        0:00 /bin/csh -cf set 
nonomatch; glob /tmp/resend.18592.*
  daemon 18591 18590  0 13:11:37 ?        0:00 sh -c 
/opt3/majordomo/wrapper resend -l prueba1 -h  pru
majordom 18596 18592  0 13:11:38 ?        0:00 sh -c /bin/csh -cf 'set 
nonomatch; glob /tmp/resend.18592.*' 2>/dev/null
 sandrac 18619 18432  0 13:12:35 pts/8    0:00 grep resend    

 I checked all the permissions in all the directories and files. The 
aliases for the list are:

# Alias para lista de correo de prueba1
owner-prueba1: sandrac
prueba1: "|/opt3/majordomo/wrapper resend -l prueba1 -h
prueba1-approval: owner-prueba1
prueba1-outgoing:  :include:/usr/local/mail/lists/prueba1, prueba1-archive
owner-prueba1-outgoing: owner-prueba1
prueba1-archive: "|/opt3/majordomo/wrapper archive -f  
prueba1/prueba1 -m -a"
owner-prueba1-archive: owner-prueba1
prueba1-request:  "|/opt3/majordomo/wrapper request-answer prueba1"
owner-prueba1-request: owner-prueba1
 I get another error from archive:

   ----- The following addresses had delivery problems -----
"|/opt3/majordomo/wrapper archive -f  /usr/local/mail/archives/prueba1/prueba1 -
m -a"  (unrecoverable error)
    (expanded from: prueba1-archive)

   ----- Transcript of session follows -----
archive: No such file or directory
554 "|/opt3/majordomo/wrapper archive -f  /usr/local/mail/archives/prueba1/prueb
a1 -m -a"... unknown mailer error 5                                             

   I have intalled the at /opt3/majordomo/archive, and the 
file prueba1 is under /usr/local/mail/archives/prueba1, the permissions 
are fine, but it doesn't work nothing is in file prueba1

Thanks in advance

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