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Subject: Re: Delete archives messages.
From: Madhu Muchalambkar <madhu . muchalambkar @ relay . adn . alcatel . com>
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 1996 17:23:52 -0400
To: Roland Zuk <zukrp @ ttown . apci . com>
Cc: Majordomo Users List <majordomo-users @ greatcircle . com>
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Reply-to: madhu . muchalambkar @ adn . alcatel . com

>>>>> "Roland" == Roland Zuk <> writes:

    Roland> On Wed, 18 Sep 1996, Madhu Muchalambkar wrote:

    >> I have a strange requirement from a user here...I need to
    >> delete some messages based on the subject line specified by the
    >> user. Ideally,

    Roland> I'd suggest making a copy of the archive file, then open
    Roland> it in your mailer program and select/delete the desired
    Roland> messages. When satisfied, resave the file and overwrite
    Roland> the old archive.

No, I need this to be automated. The user in question doesn't have
access to the host where the archives are kept. Also he will be doing
this fairly often so the easiest way would be something like the
'approve' script from the distribution.


    Roland> Regards Roland
    Roland> --

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