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Subject: Re: Looking for ISP offering Majordomo
From: "Alan Millar" <amillar @ bolis . com>
Organization: The Bolis Group
Date: Tue, 8 Oct 1996 20:15:19 -800
To: Fu Bar <fubar @ dino . fdt . net>, majordomo-users @ GreatCircle . COM
Comments: Authenticated sender is <>

On  6 Oct 96 at 18:20, Fu Bar wrote:
> What do you do when someone buys a year of mailing list service for $50 
> and then the list becomes popular and starts pumping hundreds of MB and 
> tens of thousands of messages through your system per day?

This is a good question, although the list-managers list may be a 
better place to discuss it.

In my particular situation, I put a "reasonable size" limit in my
services information where I mention a few general numbers.  So far
everyone has been reasonable and it has not been a problem.  Yes, I
know that somebody somewhere has probably already had a problem list 
before, but I'm not going to lock it down as long as I don't need to.

One big help is offering a digest mode of the list.  It always 
surprises me when a list service does not offer a digest option, 
especially considering the resource savings.  Every one of my lists 
has a digest option.  I have never seen and can't imagine a situation 
where a list owner would object to a digest (some of them don't care,
but certainly don't object).

Yes, I know there are people who might simply want to butt heads
about it (or perhaps more appropriately, might simply want to be a
butthead about it :-).  Worst case is you give them a refund and
send them on their way.

- Alan
Alan Millar        
Owner, System Admin
Ask me about Internet mailing list services at
Reason notwithstanding, the universe continues unabated.

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