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(October 1996)

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Subject: unknown mailer error 139
From: "Boris Yazlovitsky" <boris @ lovecraft . amd . com>
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 1996 09:20:04 -0500
To: Majordomo-users @ GreatCircle . COM
Cc: ricardo . anguiano @ lovecraft . amd . com


Yesterday, almost all day, every list owner would recieve
something like this followed by the original message:

sh: 12425 Memory fault
554 "|/usr/local/lib/majordomo/wrapper resend -l mtestb -r mtestb -f
owner-mtestb -h -s mtestb-rcv"... unknown mailer error 139

The configuration files, the wrapper, all had the correct permissions.

While _mailing_ a message to a majordomo list caused this
to occur, piping a file into the wrapper made the file be properly
re-sent to the list.

The machine that runs majordomo is a Sparc20, running SunOS 4.1.4.

Has anyone else experienced anything like that?
(How) was it resolved?

Thank you very much,
Boris Yazlovitsky


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