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(October 1996)

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Subject: Re: S*bscribing the list to itself
From: "Kent S. Larsen II" <klarsen @ panix . com>
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 23:51:09 -0500
To: majordomo-users @ greatcircle . com

>>>>>> "KSL" == Kent S Larsen <> writes:
>KSL> Is it possible to prevent someone from s*bscribing the list to itself?
>The usual way is to not run auto lists.  There are so many problems with
>running an auto list that I really don't recommend it.  The first time
>someone adds 500 addresses to your list who don't want to be on your list,
>you'll turn on confirmed subscribes and be done with it.  Believe me, it
>happens all the time.
>KSL> I have my s*bscription policy set to Auto. If I understand this
>KSL> correctly (It doesn't say what "open" is in any of the documentation),
>KSL> setting the policy to open will allow users to s*bscribe themselves,
>KSL> and not another address, correct?
>The config options are described in the config file itself; it says: "Open
>allows people to subscribe themselves to the list."  The focus is in
>"themselves".  I suppose this could be made clearer, but I'm no English

No question, this could be made much clearer. Additionally the majordomo
FAQ and manual that I found here on the internet don't make the
distinction. They talk about auto and open as one item, opposed to closed.
Its very confusing.

>KSL> I would rather keep the list in Auto and somehow exclude the list from
>KSL> addresses that can be s*bscribed.
>It would be of little difficulty to add a check into the sources.  You
>could also add "+confirm" to subscribe_policy so that an authorization key
>must be returned, but no moderator approval is required.
> - J<

I'm sure it would be of little difficulty for you, or anyone else that is
familiar with perl and that has authority to change the setup for their

I can't be the only one on this list that is looking for information from
the list manager's viewpoint - not from the majordomo administrator's
viewpoint (Yes, I am subscribed to list-managers - but this is a majordomo
specific question!).

For people in my position, its best to have a way of specifically
prohibiting certain s*bscriptions.

In the meantime, I will change the s*bscription policy to open from auto.

Kent S. "Kip" Larsen II; or (work).

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