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(November 1996)

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Subject: Upgrade to PERL 5.003
From: Brian Christensen <BCCHRISTENSEN @ novell . com>
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 1996 18:02:08 -0700
To: majordomo-users @ GreatCircle . com

** Reply Requested When Convenient **

I've currently got PERL 5.0 installed on my system, which may explain why
I'm having all the problems I am.  I want to upgrade to version 5.003, but I
have to be careful not to kill the whole service in the process.  In the book
Managing Internet Information Services it says that Majordomo can be 
temporarily disabled by using the command exit 75.  Will I be okay if I
execute this command, upgrade my version of PERL, then reenable
Majordomo?  Will it be able to process everything that gets queued up
while I'm performing the upgrade?

I would appreciate any advice or feedback that anybody has.

Brian Christensen
Novell Electronic Support

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