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Subject: Re: member count for 1.93
From: "Dennis Black" <Dennis . Black @ UAlberta . CA>
Date: 13 Nov 1996 13:47:43 -0600
To: "Majordomo Users" <majordomo-users @ greatcircle . com>

        Reply to:   RE>>member count for 1.93

On 11/13/96 Christopher Adams wrote:

>Good idea. One question- How do I actually generate the statistics?

In reply to:
>>Some of the listowners at my site had asked me to find a way to print
>>out the number of members in their lists. 

>vi'ing "majordomo" at the "do_who" subroutine, 
>        #open it up and tell who's on it
>        print REPLY "Members of list '$clean_list':\n\n";
>        if (&lopen(LIST, "", "$listdir/$clean_list")) {
>            while (<LIST>) {
>              print REPLY $_;
>              $lncnt++;                                                     
         [new line]                                                      
>            }
>            print REPLY "\n $lncnt members in this list.\n";     [new line]
>            &lclose(LIST);
>            &log("who $clean_list");
>        } else {

Appology, this is in the do_who routine, so in response to a "who <list>"
command, you get a total. This simply counts the lines, assuming that
one line = one subscriber. You've got a problem if it's in any other format.
I just got notified by one of my listowners that if you do two "who's"
in one message, it totals the first list fine, but keeps incrementing, so
the final total is list one plus list two, not list one total, list two
Back to variable arrays... 

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