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(November 1996)

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Subject: Reply-To : on a moderated list
From: Jean-Pierre Morant <jpm @ marben . be>
Organization: Marben SA-NV
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 1996 11:31:29 +0100
To: majordomo-users @ GreatCircle . COM

Hello !

I am running a moderated list (fully moderated : subscribtions and
postings) and I'm unhappy with the "From: " or the "Reply-To: " fields
of the mails received from the list.

Actually the mail looks like it is coming from the original sender,
which is good, but I would like replies to go to the list by default.

IU've tried different things :
- in /etc/aliases, i've added to resend's parameters :
		-r list@host
  but with no apparent effect.
- in the list.conf file, I've added :
        message_headers Reply-To:       <<  END
		or :
	message_headers      <<  END
	Reply-To: list@host          

	with no apparent effect either.
- in the list.conf ,
 	when I set sender = list
        here something happens : incoming mails loops....
- still in  list.conf,
	I've set 
	reply_to          =
	but again, no apparent effect ...

I'm using majordomo 1.93.

Does someone know why I can't get that Reply-To: field?

Jean-Pierre Morant
c/o MARBEN S.A./N.V.			La vie serait tellement 
Boulevard du Souverain,400, Vorstlaan	plus facile	 
1160	Bruxelles			Si seulement
Belgium					nous avions les sources....
+ 32 2 663 1130	(phone)
+ 32 2 663 1199 (fax)

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