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Subject: Re: restricted who??
From: Jens Wettermann <wettermann @ wdserver . kommtech . uni-wuppertal . de>
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 96 00:40:10 -0000
To: "Majordomo-Users" <majordomo-users @ greatcircle . com>

>Subject:     restricted who??
>Sent:        27.11.1996 16:50 Uhr
>From:        Christopher Josephes,
>To:          Majordomo-Users,
>I set up a list manually by adding each email address directly to the file
>and then edited the configuration for a "list" restriction of the who
>As a test, I sent a who command for the list knowing that it should work
>because I'm on the list.  But instead I received the following....
>**** List 'tag' is a private list.
>**** Only members of the list can do a 'who'.
>**** You [ "Christopher Josephes" <> ] aren't a member
>of list 'tag'.
>My email address appears in full ( in the file for
>the list, but without my full name.  Is this a problem with how majordomo
>is handling my "From:" address or is it how my email client is writing the
I had that problem too. Could it be that your "restrict_post" in the 
list.config looks like "restrict_post = /path/to/your/$listdir/listname"?

change it to "restrict_post = listanme" that solved my problems :-)

btw I found the solution in the file called "list-owner-info"

-Jens Wettermann
BUGH Wuppertal - Fachbereich 5
Kommunikationstechnologie Druck
Labor Elektronische Publikationssysteme
Telefon: +49 202 4393167

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