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Subject: problem with approve script
From: Omar Thameen <omar @ clifford . inch . com>
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 1997 16:30:46 -0500 (EST)
To: majordomo-users @ greatcircle . com

I'm finding a problem with the way the approve script interacts with
a .majordomo file that I've noticed since I upgraded from 1.93 to
1.94, and it still persists in 1.94.1.  In sum, if I pipe a message
through approve in my mailer, I get the error message:

no password for list listname; skipping "subscribe listname \" at /usr/local/bin/approve line 147, <STDIN> chunk 18.

I got this to work by removing the "\" escaping the "@" in line 145:

$ diff approve
<           $passwd = $passwd{"$list@$reply_to"};
>           $passwd = $passwd{"$list\@$reply_to"};

This doesn't seem to fix everything, however.  I'm under the impression
that you can use approve to let administrative bounces go to the
list, but that also gives me errors.

I don't know if there's other functionality affected (there seem to
be other of these associative arrays in approve - lines 234 and 235),
and I don't know perl well enough to give a definitive explanation
(unless it's simply that when using a string in an associative array,
you don't need to escape the @).

Here's some more related info for those that don't know about the
.majordomo file usage.  You can have a .majordomo file set up in your
home directory. It's for maintaining lists and stores the listname,
list password, and list address in the form:

listname	listpasswd	majordomo@list.wherever

).  Thus, you can pipe a message Mj sends to you through the approve script,
which parses the file, checks out the .majordomo file, and completes the

Omar Thameen             
Systems Administration        ( sysadmin stuff )
The Internet Channel         (   main page  )

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