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(February 1997)

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Subject: varying non-list-owner to approve
From: David Epstein <mareb @ csv . warwick . ac . uk>
Organization: Maths Institute, Warwick University, Coventry, UK.
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 1997 09:20:16 +0000 (GMT)
To: majordomo-users @ greatcircle . com

I am contemplating setting up an extra mathedu-seminar list alongside
my mathedu and mathedu-digest lists.

The seminar list will be run by the seminar leader,
not by me. S/he will change every 3 weeks. Our systems people would
not be prepared to make changes to the alias list every three weeks. A
stable system is necessary.

The seminar leader will be approving membership of mathedu-seminar and
approving postings.

The requests for approval would come to me (unless I can
configure this somehow) and so would requests for approval of postings. I
would forward them (in fact, I would want to make procmail forward them,
but I'm a novice at both Mj and procmail, so help on the procmail magic
formula would also be useful). But the process of forwarding would
presumably mean they would arrive at the seminar leader's email address
in another wrapper and so pipe to approve would not work, or would
it? How can I make this work with minimal fuss for the seminar leader,
who will be even more ignorant than I am.

At the end of the seminar's deliberations, I would want to make its
proceedings available to the large mathedu list. Any suggestions about
this? I could mail the pile of seminar correspondence to everyone as a
block, but this contains a lot of irrelevant information like received
headers etc. Ideally I would like to send the pile of seminar
correspondence to everyone on mathedu and everyone on mathedu-digest
in exactly the same format as a digest.

Please note that I do not have access to majordomo's files. resend is not
available to me, nor is digestify. I have to do it all through
standard mj facilities, augmented by a few easy perl scripts which I
could write myself (horrors). If it's not possible to massage the
seminar postings using majordomo, perhaps someone could tell me an easy
way using formail, which I also have almost no idea how to use.

David Epstein

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