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Subject: Re: looking for some MTA advice
From: Russell Nelson <nelson @ crynwr . com>
Date: 8 Mar 1997 06:11:53 -0000
To: richard welty <welty @ balltown . cma . com>
Cc: majordomo-users @ GreatCircle . COM

 > From: richard welty <>
 > i know that sendmail is both loved and hated; smail seems to lack some
 > features; and qmail is extremely controversial. i'm looking for both
 > security and some assurance that spammers won't be reflecting crap off
 > of my site.

Then you want qmail, controversy or not.  The default configuration
shuts out spammers.  No version of qmail has been found to have any
security holes.  Nearly every version of sendmail has had a security
hole.  You may freely argue that qmail has not been tried like
sendmail (and I will agree), but sendmail has been tried and found

Oh, people might wonder why qmail is controversial.  With qmail, every
delivery gets its own copy of the mail, and it delivers multiple
messages at the same time.  This is seen as putting an excessive load
on the network.  It's also much faster and gets the mail out to your
users faster.  As I like to point out, it spends a resource that it
getting cheaper (bandwidth) to conserve a resource that is getting
more expensive (people time).

-russ <>
Crynwr Software sells network driver support    | PGP ok
521 Pleasant Valley Rd. | +1 315 268 1925 voice | Peace, Justice, Freedom:
Potsdam, NY 13676-3213  | +1 315 268 9201 FAX   | pick two (only mostly true)

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