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(March 1997)

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From: Cal McInvale <calm @ tpdinc . com>
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 1997 13:21:35 -0800
To: majordomo-users @ greatcircle . com

I am receiving the following error message whenever a user attempts to
unsubscribe from a list:


     chown(15, 15, "/usr/local/majordomo/Lists/"): Not owner

It's this way across lists as well (I attempted to unsubscribe to a number
of our lists), which leads me to think it's a configuration issue.

What seems weird to me about the error message is in the chown line -- 15
is majordomo's UID on our system.

Anyway, I would appreciate some help on this. I would take all day to
figure it out, but the other half of our IT dept is on the way to London
and I'm covering the whole show, so there's a line of users at my desk with
bad printers, no e-mail, can't get my monitor to work, yatta yatta yatta...

The permissions for list files are 644. Wrapper is

     -rwsr-sr-x   1 root     other      10468 Dec 10 21:20 wrapper

System info:
Software version: Majordomo 1.94
OS: UNIX System V Release 4.0 (Solaris)

Please reply to -- thanks!

cal mcinvale                          entropy specialist                           tpd publishing

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