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Subject: Re: Mails are not appending to the archive
From: Max Pyziur <pyz @ panix . com>
Date: Sun, 06 Jun 1999 14:12:39 -0400
To: "Jiten Garg" <jitengarg @ hotmail . com>, majordomo-users @ GreatCircle . COM
In-reply-to: <>

At 10:27 AM 5/26/99 EDT, Jiten Garg wrote:
>I have recently setup the Majordomo 1.94.4 on AIX 415. The people are able 
>to subscribe to the list and can send the mails also which is distributed to 
>all the list members but the mails are not getting appended to the file.
>The list name is test and the aliases entry are like this

Indulge me here, but I think I might know what's wrong.

There are two things to which to pay attention:
1 - a proper entry in your aliases file, and 
2 - the proper name of the perl script which creates/appends messages to
archive files

With respect to 1, I'll add an appropriate line in the following, but
please test, test, test because YMMV.

>test-approval: jiten
>test: "|/usr/local/majordomo-1.94/wrapper resend -p bulk -R -l test -f 
>test-owner -h -s test-outgoing"
>test-outgoing: :include:/usr/local/mail/lists/test, test-archive
>test-archive: /usr/local/mail/lists/test/test

The above line should be something like:
test-archive: "|/usr/local/majordomo-1.94/wrapper archive -f
/usr/local/mail/lists/archives/test.archive/test -m -a"

With respect to 2, Majordomo 1.94.4 has a file called ''.
Either rename it or change the above line to:

test-archive: "|/usr/local/majordomo-1.94/wrapper -f
/usr/local/mail/lists/archives/test.archive/test -m -a"

Hope this helps.

>owner-test-archive: jiten
>Can you help me so that the mails distributed to the lists member can also 
>be appended to the file and can be archived?
>Thanks in advance for the solution.

Max Pyziur

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