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Subject: Re: Exchange
From: Aerobiguy @ aol . com
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 1999 13:04:22 EDT
To: Majordomo-Users @ greatcircle . com writes:

>   Is there anyone on the list who can tell me how to turn off
>    HTML permanently in Exchange?

These are the directions we give out:

1. If you use:

Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Mail (and news)
Microsoft Outlook Express (comes with Windows '98 and IE4)

then you need to check the format of the mail you're sending out. For the 
last two you need to check the "Tools" menu, click "Options" on the menu and 
then click the "Send" tab. If there is a check mark next to "Mail sending 
format HTML", turn if off by clicking the "Plain text" option.

If you're using one of the first two, you need to check the "Properties" for 
the lists mail address, make sure that the check mark "Always send to this 
recipient in Rich text format" is turned off.

2. Netscape Communicator defaults to "Send as HTML" as well. To turn it off, 
you should go to Edit->Preferences, then Mail & Groups->Messages, and unclick 
the box next to "By default, send HTML messages".

3. Any other mailer: make sure MIME and HTML are turned off, and Plain Text 
is turned on. You may need to work with your help desk, Internet Service 
Provider, or whoever sold you the mailer, if you aren't sure how to do it. 

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